Monday, November 18, 2019

I Told Him Not To

I Told Him Not To

I told him not to

Take the dog for a walk

I knew with the crack of her leash

He would go down.

He went anyway

And with the cracking of her leash

Down he went

Fracturing his hip.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August Monthly Challenge by ABS

August Monthly Challenge by ABS

Twelve Princesses on the Way to the Dance
Kay Nieslen
Published in 1923
Watercolor and ink

At Art Bead Scene this month the above picture was given as inspiration. I fell in love with it. I know the story so this scene by Kay Nieslen was awesome!

It took a while to decide what to make as the colors weren't something I normally use. But I was looking on Etsy and found some fiber beads by Eleanore at Fiber Beads.  They were just the colors I wanted.

Again, I use these challenges to step out of the box to try something new. I wanted to do a cuff bracelet using the fiber beads. 

I got the fiber beads and other beads I had chosen to go with them sewn on the shiny black backing, but ran out of time to put the whole thing together.  

So I am posting what I do have and hope to get the rest finished soon.

The rice pearls I used are reminiscent of the "leaves" in the trees, the black material is the night sky and the the fiber beads are the colors for the dresses.

I plan to encircle the outside of the bracelet with the rice pearls and the gold seed beads.  

Thanks for looking.

Til next time

Keep on Beading

A Day at the beach Design Challenge by Facet

Hi all. Time again for another challenge. At Facet this month we were challenged to do something beachy. Using the colors of the beach, waves, and sky.

I had a lot of sea glass from Znetshows that I needed to use up so I pulled them out of my stash, then got an email they had some new sea glass Sea Life, so I ordered the cute little green turtles. I mean what beach isn't complete without a turtle or two.

The colors I used were aqua, green, red, topaz and some glass rondelles that had had aqua and green running through them. 

I wanted to try something out of the box so I created loops at each end to put silk cord through so you tie it in the back, and then I used bead weaving thread to make a fringe out of sand colored seed beads to represent the sand on the beach.  Plus a set of earrings to match.

This is what I came up with:

I am not sure how I like the fringe yet, I may still redo some of it. And I think I need to make the silk cord in back longer, it didn't tie quite right. But other than that I was very pleased with it. 

I have the colors of the beach with two turtles now more beachy can you get!!!

Til next time..

Keep on Beading!


Friday, August 18, 2017

We're All Ears :: August Inspiration :: Moths

We're All Ears :: August Inspiration :: Moths

OH Yes! It is that time again. Time when Erin challenges us with a new theme... this time it is MOTHS!  Aren't they beautiful!  Talk about color, and designs!  Would keep a beader busy for quite a while!

If you want a little insight into moths, you can check out the website at We're All Ears

When I saw the challenge I was like "YES" I think moths get a bad rap. They are beautiful, just like butterflies!

What drew me in first was the ones with the eyes! Just couldn't get it out of my mind, so that is what I went with. 

I would say that they have a bit of Bohemian look to them. But we all know we do what the beads want. And I know tassels are the in thing, so I tried my hand at some. Kind of fun!

So without further is what I made:

Do you think I could get the eyes to look at me all at the same time. NO....and one eye is going the wrong way, but hey at least it is looking at you.

I really like how these turned out and and I think I may keep them. 

So until next month

   Keep on beading!


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bling It Up! in July by Facet Jewelry

For July, Facet Jewelry challenged us to Bling it Up! I am a 60's child, so bling is right up my alley!

I thought about doing some earrings but couldn't decided. THEN while checking out I came across a bracelet that inspired me as I has similar beads. It was called Dazzling - Graphic - Bracelet. 

So I went through my beads and came up with the beads and then strung my piece on white Fireline so that the beads would lay nicer. I really love the rhinestone dividers. That is what caught my eye to begin with at Toocutebeads. 

And here is my offering:

The clasp is magnetic so it goes on really easy. It is an 8 inch bracelet. 

For more great Bling it Up eye candy head over to Facet Jewelry and check it out.

Til next time,
Keep on Beading


Christmas in July Linky Party

Now I know a lot of people don't like Christmas in July....says it takes away from the holiday. BUT for us crafter's, if we don't start in July, we won't be finished by Christmas.

But for me I love looking at the new ideas and see if there are any I can use for my holiday gifts!

For my idea I created a Christmas colored stretchy bracelet with matching earrings out of BUTTONS. I love working with buttons. They are so versatile.
You can do so much with them in the various colors! 

Just the right accessory to throw on as you go out the door during the holidays. It isn't showy or sparkly but it lets everyone know you are in the holiday spirit. 

For more great ideas, head over to Stone Cottage Adventures and become inspired!

Til next time..

Keep on Beading

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pine Ridge Treasures' Pearls Blog Hop July 2017

Newest Hop!

Hello is time for Lisa Lodges, Pine Ridge Treasures' Pearls Blog Hop.

I love doing these as Lisa always has such great kits to use for the challenges.

Here is what I was sent:

In my creations I used every thing but the little bluish green crystals.

Here is a collage of what I made, plus I will have pictures of each item.

The first set I did was the one with the aqua and grey pearls with Turquoise faux beads. I had the pendant laying around and decided it looked really good with it. I made matching earring to go with it. 

The next two sets I went online to find some stitched patterns at So the second one I based off of Madlen. I used the basic stitch but added my own twist to it. In this set I used the aqua and grey beads again with some salmon and black beads along with crystal seed beads.


I think I may need to do a bit of adjusting but I like how it came out.

The third set I made I chose Zefir from I love their designs to use to get those juices flowing.

For this one I used the clear crystals, white pearls and the closure from Lisa.

The rest of colored pearls and the multi-colored seed beads were from my stash. I couldn't get the crystal's to show their bling even on the black.


In this one you can kinda see the bling. The colored pearls are light lavender and maroon. They really match the seeds beads well. And the pearls are from Lisa from another challenge last year!  

So there you have it. My offering for this Pearl Challenge. For more eye candy hop over to Lisa's.

Til next time..

Keep on beading

See ya soon