Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ceramic Disk Challenge 2015

Today is the revel for the Ceramic Disk Challenge sponsored by Lisa Lodge of A Grateful Artist.

When I first got my ceramic disks, I ordered two sets, I really wasn't sure what to do with them. I went through many ideas, then just set them aside.

 I knew they would work in a bracelet..but what kind...hmmm...well I finally hit upon the solution. I had my macrame book out as I am really wanting to get into it again and, chaching, a macrame bracelet...I am still not real good at it, but I did get a bracelet done and a key ring dangle.

I really like how the bracelet turned out...I can see where I think I did the stitch wrong, but I will get it.

Thanks to Lisa for this challenge and hop back Nov 7th for her next one!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Autumn Earth Challenge October 2015

Hello again. It is time for the Autumn Earth Challenge put on by Lisa Lodge of A Grateful Artist - Pine Ridge Treasures.

These are the beads that I received from Lisa. All autumn colors. Though the small dark round pearls are really a maroon color.

After separating them I had a real problem coming up with a design. It is hard to think autumn when it is in the 90's... But I found some autumny glass beads in my stash that seem to want to be used. And some green that looked good with the autumn colors.

So after playing and looking at them for several weeks, moving them around and around, this is what I came up with. Really like how it turned out.

The glass beads on the inside loop came with the black beads that I used in the outside loop and they really seemed to work great with the brown and green crystals and white seed beads. You really can't see it in the pictures but I used bright goldy orange sequins at the ends of the glass beads. The small glass beads on the inside loop between the larger gold and black beads are a smoked glass. Almost like a sea glass. And of course I made earrings to match.

A close up of the larger gold and black glass beads
and the smaller green and brown crystals with the black beads. 

And a close up of the toggle clasp I used that came with the

All in all, I am happy with how this came out. I really like it and can't decide if I want to put it on my Etsy site or not.

Next up I made a bracelet using the square brownish beads, the rice pearls and the darker smoked crystals. I did a stitch design, not sure if it has a name. I had plan to put some green around the outside, but my daughter said it didn't need it. While looking for something else in my button stash, I found the round button with a star design and the color went really well with the bracelet, so I used it to make the closure. The other end slides over it really well and it sits really nice on my wrist. Another piece I am not sure I will

I didn't use all the beads as I came down with a cold, thanks to my daughter who brought it home from work. I do have some other designs in mind, but when you are on cold medicine, the brain doesn't work as well! I will try and post the other later. 

 Thanks for stopping by and until next time...

Keep on Beading!