Friday, April 29, 2016


A blogger that I follow, (she has goats and they are the cutest,) has started a weekly scavenger hunt with pictures. I have been wanting to get in, but with the tax season, I just didn't have a chance.

But now I can! Ms Teresa from Eden Hills posted the three hunt items on her side bar on her web page. 1. Starts with R, 2. Favorite, and 3. Texture.

1st was Starts with R

I present my Rose Of Sharon. It is from the back door area at my parents house. I dug it up after they passed. The other day it was full of white blossoms..but today just a few. This is the first year we have really seen it bloom.

2nd is Favorite..and that was hard. My husband has been working on the yard and it is looking good. We have had some of our Amaryllis come up and I do love them. 


And these orange beauties are some Double Bloom Lilies we bought at Walmart. They really glow in the sun.

3rd was texture. That one kind of got me but I went through my pictures and found this textured butterfly in some jewelry that I got for a challenge.

So there you have it. Fridays Hunt. You can hop to her web site and see more entries and look at her goats. They are so cute and fun. She also sells goat soap and other things!  Her name is Teresa and her site is Eden Hills.

Til Next time!!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ceramic Blog & Hop 2016

Well it is that time again! Lisa Lodge of A Grateful Artist has created another wonderful challenge and hop.  When I signed up I figured I had lots of time....silly me...I prepare taxes (have you done yours yet??) so NO I didn't have lots of time...but I was able to create something. I do think I may change a couple of things, but AFTER tax season is over and I can concentrate!

So without further ado, since I am sooo ready for is what Lisa sent me:

Awesome!!!! BUT I felt it needed some more punch! So I went to the color wheel to see what colors would go with green and orange...and of favorite color - purple! So I went through every purple bead I had, then decided I needed to get some more.

This is what I came up with: (excuse the black. I didn't realize it would show through like that)

I had the green leaf beads so since she sent silver ones and the ceramic pendant was a leaf, I decided to use them. The pendant is orange,. I think I may have been to close with the flash. But you can see the purple in there.

Here is a close up of the clasp and you can see the leaf beads better in the earrings.

Thank you Lisa for another great challenge. I do love participating!  If you want to see more eye candy hop over to her blog for a list of the participants! That is A Grateful Artist.

Have fun ya all...I am going to bed!!

Keep on Beading!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bead Peeps 2nd Annual Swap 'n' Hop

Well Blogger seems to be working for me tonight..yeah! So I signed up for the Bead Peeps 2nd Annual Swap ' n' Hop and was partnered with Kathleen Breeding of Las Vegas, Nevada! She is super involved in a lot of different activities..just reading about them make me tired. She does a lot of custom orders for cosplay people which sounds exciting to me! I know about cosplay, but I am too old to be involved in it. But it does sound like fun!

Anyway..Here are the goodies I sent.

And here are the goodies I received from her!

 LOVE the shoe!!!

Check out the bullets!!

And I can't wait to get my hands on the embossed paper butterfly!

Arrrgggg....pirate any one?

And the purple and aqua pendant hiding...

She sent so many focals..I don't know where to start...

And these findings, I love the key hole pendant and the one to right of it!

So now I have to get my thinking cap on and decide what I want to do, Once I pull the beads out I want to use, will repost pictures to tickle your imagination!!!

REVEAL TIME IS May 15, 2016!

Til then...

Keep on Beading!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Evening Elegance Blog Hop - Jan 30 2016

Today is the reveal for Evening Elegance Blog Hop sponsored by Lisa Lodge of Grateful Artist

Below is the beads I received from Lisa. Aren't they pretty!!!

When I received them, I thought oh there won't be any problem coming up with a necklace set. BUT with the holidays, my daughter's wedding, then tax season, I just couldn't get the idea I had in my head to come together. So instead of just throwing together something, I am waiting on the necklace and will show it at a later date. Though here is a picture of what I had started...doesn't look like much, but there is a design hidden in there.

I did however, make a set of earrings. I really like how they turned out, may just keep them for myself! I am debating on whether to add a yellow dangle from the middle line of beads or not...but what ever, I really like them.

There is a set of dangles that Lisa sent, and I have a plan for those at a later date.  I love how delicate they are.

For more great ideas hop over to Lisa's at Grateful Artist for more blogs to check out.
Hopefully now that most of my stress is gone, I will have more time to create!!! I do have some more things to blog. I made my daughters wedding set and a friends wedding set that I will get on line very soon!
Til next time,

Keep on Beading

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Gentle Hues Challenge - November 2015

Today is the revel for Lisa Lodges Gentle Hues Challenge. When I first received the beads, I thought wow, how springy they look. How can I come up with something fall like. Below is what I received.

The purple and pink beads in the bag, I am going to do bead weaving with. I have the pattern, but didn't get it finished. The rest of the stash were beautiful pearls. I used almost all of them.  

Since I couldn't do anything fall, I decided to do something using all the colors as I have a friend that is into pastels and pearls. So this is what I created.

You can't see it well in this picture, but I used crystals between the pearls. The pattern I came up with is in the center of each strand there are 5 pearls of one color, then as you progress outward, the colors slowly change to the opposite color. So on the first strand with the bigger pearls, in the middle is white on the left and lavender on the right, but by the time you get to the back,  it is lavender on the right and white on the left. Talk about having to focus!

Here is a close up of the earrings, and in the picture you can see some of the crystals that I used.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my piece. Come back on the 21st and I will have a new challenge posted.

Til then...

Keep on Beading


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ceramic Disk Challenge 2015

Today is the revel for the Ceramic Disk Challenge sponsored by Lisa Lodge of A Grateful Artist.

When I first got my ceramic disks, I ordered two sets, I really wasn't sure what to do with them. I went through many ideas, then just set them aside.

 I knew they would work in a bracelet..but what kind...hmmm...well I finally hit upon the solution. I had my macrame book out as I am really wanting to get into it again and, chaching, a macrame bracelet...I am still not real good at it, but I did get a bracelet done and a key ring dangle.

I really like how the bracelet turned out...I can see where I think I did the stitch wrong, but I will get it.

Thanks to Lisa for this challenge and hop back Nov 7th for her next one!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Autumn Earth Challenge October 2015

Hello again. It is time for the Autumn Earth Challenge put on by Lisa Lodge of A Grateful Artist - Pine Ridge Treasures.

These are the beads that I received from Lisa. All autumn colors. Though the small dark round pearls are really a maroon color.

After separating them I had a real problem coming up with a design. It is hard to think autumn when it is in the 90's... But I found some autumny glass beads in my stash that seem to want to be used. And some green that looked good with the autumn colors.

So after playing and looking at them for several weeks, moving them around and around, this is what I came up with. Really like how it turned out.

The glass beads on the inside loop came with the black beads that I used in the outside loop and they really seemed to work great with the brown and green crystals and white seed beads. You really can't see it in the pictures but I used bright goldy orange sequins at the ends of the glass beads. The small glass beads on the inside loop between the larger gold and black beads are a smoked glass. Almost like a sea glass. And of course I made earrings to match.

A close up of the larger gold and black glass beads
and the smaller green and brown crystals with the black beads. 

And a close up of the toggle clasp I used that came with the

All in all, I am happy with how this came out. I really like it and can't decide if I want to put it on my Etsy site or not.

Next up I made a bracelet using the square brownish beads, the rice pearls and the darker smoked crystals. I did a stitch design, not sure if it has a name. I had plan to put some green around the outside, but my daughter said it didn't need it. While looking for something else in my button stash, I found the round button with a star design and the color went really well with the bracelet, so I used it to make the closure. The other end slides over it really well and it sits really nice on my wrist. Another piece I am not sure I will

I didn't use all the beads as I came down with a cold, thanks to my daughter who brought it home from work. I do have some other designs in mind, but when you are on cold medicine, the brain doesn't work as well! I will try and post the other later. 

 Thanks for stopping by and until next time...

Keep on Beading!