Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gemstone & Metal Blog Hop 2014

OK...well the time is here for Gemstone and Metal blog hop that Lisa Lodge from Pine Ridge Treasures has put on.  She is so wonderful with all these challenges to really make us work outside the box.

I received Candy Jade to work with: (The triangular pieces were mine)

My first necklace I wanted to really work out of the box and try something with my Curly Q. (The pink "S"'s)  I wrapped the wire which I had then ran a stiffer wire through it to form it.  The green wire I had also.  My daughter who is modeling it likes it as her name starts with S, but I am not me it is to clunky...but might to a bit altering to make it more "flowing"  The earring have the same stones and I have better pics of them later.

The next necklace I did, I used my curly q with the seed beads already on the wire and the orangey/pink triangles I have had in my stash for ever...I think they work quite well.The seed beads are mine also as well as the silver cones...but I think it all came together fabulously. This set I really like and will put on Etsy.

This set I didn't have done for my daughter to model, but I was trying to use up the beads..The pendant and pink beads are mine. The green/pink are from the challenge....Again...I really like how "soft" looking this set is.

And this last shot is just close up some of the earrings.

I truly enjoyed this challenge and believe it or not, still have a few beads left....maybe save them for "bead soup"

For more great pieces hop over to Lisa's Page 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Every Day Earrings Monthly Challenge

This months challenge of course includes red/white/blue

For this challenge I created earrings made from vintage buttons. They have gold tone jump rings and ear wires.

They will be going to my etsy store in the next day or two. $10 includes shipping and insurance.  Thanks for looking. For more check out the links at Earrings Everyday

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Through the Lens Thursday - Cozy


These are some interpretations that I associate with cozy...

My coffee in the morning!!!!!!!!

 My dog sleeping.......

My son and his niece/my granddaughter

My daughter and I

A duck and two cougars sleeping in the shade at Gatorland...

Through The Lens Thursday is meant for self-improvement, so please….constructive criticism is welcome!
Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishingand I are doing this year.

For more info..hop to through-the-lens-thursday/

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Personal Photo - Portrait

Since I am usually the one behind the camera  what I have to offer is a collage of my husband, my daughter and her boyfriend at graduation, and a picture of my daughter and son as we waited to go into the graduation.

I have a fujifilm 16megapixels Finepix digital camera....I used Picasa to do my editing with cropping, touchups, and borders.

Thanks for looking.

I am linking up to Donna at A Personal Photo Challenge. Come check us out! Thanks.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Photo A Day Challenge - June Week 3 and 4

Since LIFE got in the way last week I didn't get to post. So this week I will post from where I left off through the 30th.

And as a side note, if I don't get around to everyone or post a reply, I am sorry, and will try to do better...Sometimes...well....LIFE has a way of pulling the rug out from under you and it is hard to post from the floor.....

So with out further comment...:

Day 15 - Back yard - which in my  case is really the side yard, as we don't use the back yard...and as you can see it is in need of a mow!

Day 16 - Bright - Though it is hard to tell the clouds were really a bright white!

Day 17 - Stripe - This is the strip pattern on one of the caladiums I have in my yard

Day 18 - Something old - This is a picture of a hoe that belonged to my grandmother, that I still use today, sitting down of course as the handle is only about 3 feet.  Works great around small plants!

Day 19 - Refreshing - When  I DON'T have to cook!!!

Day 20 - a Book I am reading:

Day 21 - summer - my husband working in the garden at my dad's last year

Day 22 - Green - was at the doctors office and since I carry my camera, I took this picture of green!

Day 23 - pair - a pair of my jewelry tools -

Day 24 - Hot - from a Winn Dixie ad on my desk:

Day 25 - cold - ice cream!

Day 26 - Thermometer - the closest I had on hand.....

Day 27/28 - Fruit and Yellow - A yellow ceramic pear:

Day 29 - Grass - in my yard

Day 30 - Looking up - Through a tree in my yard -

So there you have it....I hope you enjoyed it as much as I and I look forward to July!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Photo A Day Challenge - June Week 2

Day 8 - Childhood - my kids and grandkids

Day 9 - Macro - of flower and such in my yard

Day 10 - Upside down - on of the squirrels on my feeder...

Day 11 - Jewelry - I do design and make jewelry

Day 12 - Flowers - from my yard, well most are flowers!

Day 13 - Shadows - The ones of mine and my daughters feet are hard to see, but I can see the shadows of feet in the water. Then the third person from the back in the picture of students is my daughters boyfriend at his graduation, then the other is shadows from the trees in a neighbors yard

Day 14 - Red, White, and Blue

Thanks for stopping by. I will be back next week with more goodies!

Personal Photo - Stormy Weather

Well here in "Sunny" Florida is has been a rainy start to our "summer time" weather patterns.  So when the personal challenge this month was for stormy weather...I was like "yes" that I can problem.....

We were told,  Photography shouldn't be limited to only sunny days. Stormy weather conditions provide many opportunities to capture moody, dramatic, and creative images.  For example, you can take stormy weather photographs from the dry comfort of a porch or from a vehicle.

Well we had stormy weather and I took some of my photos from the vehicle. I was on my way into town.  I think they give a very "end of the world" feel sometimes when the clouds get really dark and en mass! 

So then I tried taking pictures outside while it was raining. But that is really hard to do, but I did manage to get a few with the yard light illuminating the rain.  One one I used the flash and you can see the rain drops...well sort of. The bottom left looks like there is lightening in the least that is what I think it is.

And then of course there is always that sweet aftermath when everything looks and smell clean. I love the smell after the rain!

So there you have my pictures of stormy weather.  I used Picasa3 on my computer to edit the pictures and create the collages...(which I love to do)

My camera is a Fujifilm Finepix ax. Nothing fancy, but does the job!

Thanks for looking and check out Donna's site for more!