Saturday, October 18, 2014

8th Do Over Challenge Reveal - Oct 2014

It is time for Jeannie's 8th Jewelry Do Over Challenge. Jeannie of Jewelry By Jennie does what is called a jewelry do over where she sends us a piece of jewelry that she made back in the day, then we take it apart and redo it into something else.

This is my 2nd do over I think and I love doing them. The piece I got from Jennie is shown first. Her pieces are always cute and I have a hard time taking them apart. These cute little stones are called calcite and they have a really earthy vibe to them for me.

So for my first piece, I happened to have some copper wire on the table and they just seemed to gravitate towards the beads.  Then I found some warm white faux pearls. I put them all together and let the love begin.

While the pictures don't do justice, the piece just radiates warmth. All the chain and wire wrapping and hooks were done by me by hand or on the my wrapping jig. I used some warm bronze size 8 glass seed beads as accent with the pearls and calcite. I even made earrings. I know they look like a they aren't.

For my second piece I used the rest of the calcite beads and teapot with some red silk beads and grey tone fauz pearls. I used silver tone size 8 glass seed beads as spacers. While the earrings look alike, there are two different styles.

I hope you enjoyed my new pieces. For more you can jump over to Jeannies  for more goodies.  Til next time.

Enjoy the day the Lord has given you!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

We Are All Ears - October 2014

This months challenge comes from marbleized paper. Which I love as I am a '60s child....But anyway, the designers chosen by Erin were:

Galen Berry is a renowned American marbleizer who has a very informative website. I also discovered an artist from the UK named Jemma Lewis who makes beautiful patterns and swirls of colors. I couldn't select just one, so I decided that two collages would be a better option so that you could choose the one (or more!) that speaks most to you. Be sure to check out their websites for more beauties!

While I like Jemma Lewis's marbleized papers...I really fell for Galen Berry. Hers remind me of the "psychedelic" colors and designs of the 60's.

I really couldn't decide on a specific design so I went with color....and since I am a purple freak...I used purple and aqua  in my earrings. It is hard to see, but the disk hanging in the middle is purple and aqua swirls. The beads are deep aqua and purple. 

I had so many ideas and not enough time...for more beauties head over to We Are All Ears

And thanks for looking...these will soon be in my Etsy store.


Friday, October 10, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge - Still Life

When I saw the heading, I was like...yeah, no problem....I take them all the time, and most of us do.  BUT...then I got to reading the different instructions and helpful hints and realized I was one of those point and shoot people. Which isn't a bad thing...but there is a little more to still life photos.

I read about all the indoor stuff and the out door stuff and was really wondering what I would take a picture of for the challenge.  I have been keeping my eyes open, trying to figure it out, when out of the blue...the perfect opportunity dropped in my lab.

My husband had gone out side to do some work on the car and our dog, Miss Penelope, decided to go out and lay in the grass..Well I ran back inside and got my camera and started taking pictures.Of course I couldn't get her to look at me....but I moved around her and over her and then my son laid on the ground and took one "up" of her. I made sure my camera was in outdoor mode and made sure the flash was off.

This first set of pictures are the "raw" ones I took to try and get the "perfect photo"
Of course I couldn't get to close or my shadow would have been in the picture.

This second set is where I took the "raw" pictures and cropped, soft zoom, and framed them out. I really like how they turned out and may print some for my kids albums and to put on the wall. She is 12 so I don't expect her to be around forever!

Hope you enjoyed see my sweet Miss P. For more great pics you can hop over to A Personal Photo .Challenge

Monday, September 29, 2014


While I was out the other day just browsing around town I stopped at one of my favorite Thrift shops.  While in there I spotted these beauties that are going up in my Etsy store.

Of course with it being 1/2 day, I could have bought more...but I was on a budget so these are the goodies I came away with!

I love the little Santa set but I have enough miniature sets as it is...and the tins were just as cute as could be.  The scarf is of Lighthouses of Maine. I didn't know there were that many....

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New Selection of Fall Themed Button Earrings I Made

While searching for fall colored beads I came across these fall themed buttons. And since I was in an earring mood, I whipped up some sets of fall button earrings.

I have them listed in my Etsy shop, Dontforgetthememory, if you would like to see more.

But they were really easy to make with square jump rings and buttons...I have some in Christmas themed too I will be making up soon.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

We're All Ears - September 2014

This month we were challenged to create a set of earrings using the outdoors using the picture below....

Of course as most know by now, I always want to do something very out of the box, extreme eclectic if there is such a thing

So I choose the "fungi that are weird shaped with light blue on the outside and dark blue/black on the inside.  The material I used is called Nautolex, which is a type of vinyl that is used in boats, rv's anything outdoor.  I had the light blue that was patterned and then the black. I used one of my scrapbooking cutters to cut out a template to cut out the vinyl. I then used the green and gold large seed beads to mimic the browns, golds, greens, yet look like the little seeds in the upper right hand corner. I cut out a solid black piece and poked a post earring back through it. Then I glued it on the back of a patterned piece. I then glued 4 patterned pieces back to back to create the two lower pieces so that the front and the back matched. The beads are strung on gold tone eye pins. The whole thing is put together using gold tone jump rings. 

In trying to use new techniques with photographs, I put both earrings on and had my son take my picture where I then cropped it down so you could see the earrings.  I have read that by wearing them, it gives a better sense of how big the piece of jewelry is..really need to find a mannequin or a new model....

Anyway....hope you enjoy looking and please hop over to Earrings Everyday for more great pieces.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vintage Finds - Memories Remembered

Hi all,

Seems like retro is in now and I sooooooo agree! I love vintage items as, well some aren't really vintage to me, I grew up with them.

But I have seen vintage pages popping up on the internet so I want to join too.  I have some vintage jewelry on my etsy site. The name is dontforgetthememory. I chose that name a long time ago for a college course I had to take and just left it...

Up for review today are a few pieces of the jewelry. I have other items listed too if you want to browse around.

Thanks in advance for looking.

Vntage Coro Silver Tone Earrings

Vintage Sara Coventry Clip On Earrings

Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

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