Saturday, September 24, 2016

Friday's Hunt with Eden Hills 09/24/16

Eden Hills

Well, it is that time again....and yes I know it is Sat, and I know I missed last week, but last Thursday, we had to put our sweet dog, Miss Penelope, of 12 years down due to health issues. It was very, very hard and I just really didn't feel like doing anything for the weekend. Then yesterday I attended a memorial service of a dear friend from our this week I am a day late.

For these weeks prompts, we have Starts with M, weeks favorite, and work.

And as I continue with my vacation pictures, what better to show than MOUNTAINS. Not sure where each one is but they are all west of Texas.

As for my favorite of the week..this is my husband watering the garden. He didn't know I had taken it til I posted it on FB. What a hoot!

And I really don't work. Just a part time job. Most of the time I am creating and making jewelry or one of the other crafts I love. Or sewing at the church, or thrift store hunting.

So there you have it. It is my story and I am sticking to it. For more great pictures hop over Eden Hill's.

Till next time..Keep on Snapping.


Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday's Hunt with Eden Hills 09/09/2016

Eden Hills

OH MY...OH MY....It's Friday again. Hard to believe there is only one Friday in the week. Seems to come around so often. This week Teresa from Eden Hills challenged us with Starts with K, Weekly Favorite and Yellow or Gold.

Unfortunately I didn't have many K's in my vacation pictures but did find a few: A JacKalope I forgot last son being Krazy with a Kactus...Knots in a tree that was in my brother in law's yard, A Koyote.. and a train with Kline on the side....

As for my weekly favorite...I have a picture of my youngest granddaughter after day care...she has fallen asleep on cute!! She hasn't gotten used to being on the go all day with lots of other!

As for Gold or Yellow, I chose to put together a collage of pictures of a sunset I took while in CA. We were standing on Coronado Beach.

It was so great there! If it wasn't so far, I would drive there again!

Well that is my offerings for this week. Hop over to Eden Hills and see what other great shots were posted.

Til next Friday, which will be here sooner than later...

Keep on Snapping


Friday, September 2, 2016

 is Eva my daughters cat. She was playing hide and seek with me while we were taking them to CA!

For more great photo finds...hope over to Eden Hills.

Keep on Snapping


Friday's Hunt With Eden Hills - 09/02/16

Eden Hills

Well....what do you is FRIDAY again!!!! And you know what that means...Friday's Hunt with Eden Hills...These Friday's just seem to come so fast!

Anyway, this week's prompt is: Starts with J, Week's Fav, and Surprise...

So for starting with J, I again jumped to my vacation wasn't easy but I went through them again and found JAW, JEWELRY, JET, JETTY, JERSEY AND WESTERN RAILROAD, AND JUNK (in miniature town my son photographed in CA.)

My favorite for the week, is my son and his dog...up where she isn't suppose to be...

And for surprise...can you guess what it is?????

Don't the Link