Saturday, April 8, 2017

Swap n Hop 2017

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Hi everyone...well today is the reveal...for Linda Anderson with  Bead Peeps.

When I signed up, I didn't realize I would soooo busy with taxes this year, but I haven't had hardly any time to even breath.

I am even posting from work today! And of course I don't have the before picture because it is at home on my desktop....

But I have the pictures of what I completed.  My partner was Minnette Miller! And she has had a rough time too. But that is not my story to tell.  SOOOO anyway...below is what I made with the beautiful beads she sent me.

First is the necklace. She sent me such cool beads with a sea vibe, that I couldn't not do it. And for some reason, the color peachy/orange kinda decided to be in the bunch. The chain she sent is awesome and I want to know where she got it because I want some! It is full of jump rings on jump rings...loved it!  I haven't put a clasp on yet as I haven't decided it I want it to pull on or have a clasp... The aqua, well aqua means water and the color just seemed to jive with everything else! In the bottom left I have a close up of the bigger beads she sent. I forgot to turn the blue glass shell over, but there is a pearl in it.

Then she sent some cool beads that I made into earrings...The white glass beads on the bottom feel like they were sand blasted. Very cool! Then she sent those cute green glass beads with pink flowers, so I topped it off with pink pearls.  I really like it. Might have to keep these. The picture on the right shows off the bead caps better.

Next she sent me the cutest set of smiley face glass beads...I really love these. Very simple but they are just happy looking.

The last set of earrings...I managed to get one done because the bead for the second wouldn't go down on the wire since it is doubled...but I have a bead reamer that I will use gently to make the hole bigger. But here they are.

I still have some beads left...

Plus some more that are going to be made into a bracelet.  So that is my offering for this challenge. I am sure I will be in more. So til next time....

Keep on beading!!