Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday's Finds with Eden Hills 08/26/2016

Eden Hills

And here it is again. Is it me, or do the days just seem to speeding up?  Once again I join Teresa at Eden Hills for our weekly Friday Finds.  This weeks prompts are: Starts with I, Fav of the week and Pink.

As always, I am trying to do all the alphabet using my vacation pictures. The letter I wasn't easy, since I didn't go through any states that start with I. But I gave it a whirl anyway. So for I, this is what I have:

This weeks favorite is a hoot. Some of the ladies of our church got together and celebrated our friend, Miss Mary's, birthday at Denny's.  It was such fun. As we were leaving I saw this pancake cutout and asked her to stand in front of it. 

What a hoot!!!!

For pink I put together some pictures of plants and flowers from my yard.

So there you have it...pretty awesome huh??? I love doing these challenges! For more eye goodies hop over to Teresa's site and check them out. 

Til next time

Keep on snapping!


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Friday's Hunt with Eden Hills 08/19/16

Eden Hills

Well it is Friday again...( actually it is Sunday for me, I am late!) And we have the wonderful Teresa from Eden Hills. This weeks prompts are: Starts with H, Weekly Favorite, and Single.

For starts with H, I had a time finding any in my vacation stash but here is what I came up with. 

This Hugo, Tx. We passed through it on our way to my BIL's house while on vacation.

This one is of my son sitting on a really HOT rock. He told me to make sure I hurried as it was cooking his bum!

For favorite this week, I was going through the photos of our trip and came across this one. Eva and Issis are eyeing my sons breakfast.

And for single: I have three shots with single subjects in each:

For more great shots, hop over to Eden Hills and see what else everyone posted. 

Til next week..
Keep on Snapping


Saturday, August 20, 2016

ZnetShows New Arrivals Blog Hop


ZnetShows has done it again. Not only do they have the greatest selection of sea glass styles already, they just added some new ones. The first one is called a focal set . They have already done most of the work...just add some bling between the sea glass and you are done. The second one is called a stacked set. This one you could easily create stunning earrings sets. The third one is called the button clothing. Now I could so see jazzing up an outfit with these beauties... 

To check them all out head over to the New Arrivals section! I am sure you will be just as blown away as I was.

To showcase the new arrivals, we designers were asked to get creative and make something using the new sea glass.

I received the focal set in Dessert Gold. I had some dark and light green sea glass beads already that I knew would go with them. I also used crystals between the light green beads.I used dark green hemp to string and do the knots. I did have a problem with it. It kept trying to unravel. May have been a bad batch. But I stuck with it and finished it up. I am going to see if I can find some better hemp and redo it. But this is what I made. I did not do a closure as I wasn't sure what kind I wanted to do, plus it goes over the head anyway.


For more amazing pieces, hop over to the other participants blogs. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Friday's Hunt With Eden Hills 08/13/16

Eden Hills

Hello again. Thanks for joining me for another Friday's Hunt with Teresa at Eden Hills. This weeks challenge is: Starts with G, Weeks Favorite, and Wheels.

As I continue to work my way through the alphabet with Teresa, I am working my way through my vacation to California pictures. For G this week I have: Grand Coteau, Green Tree Bark, Goofy Son with a Gator (not real), the Golden Acorn Quick Mart we stopped in on our way out of California, a REAL Gator, a gecko sunning himself, and a sign for the Gainesville Volunteers.

For Wheels, I was a bit stumped, BUT my vacation pictures came to the rescue! These pictures are of all kinds of wheels we saw while on vacation!

And last but not least my favorite of the week: a picture of my Church's band that I sing with.

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed seeing my offerings for this week. For more pictures, head over to Eden Hills and check them out. 

Til next week..

Keep on snapping!


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Friday's Hunt 08/06/2016

Eden Hills

Welllll it is Friday again. I just don't understand how they come around so fast. Seems like it was just last Friday.

So this week Teresa from Eden Hills has given us a new picture challenge: Starts with F, Weeks Favorite, and Shiny!

So for Starts with F: I went to my vacation pictures and found some pictures that started with F.

 For this Weeks Favorite: We had a Child Dedication at my church for this little cutie. He is so sweet! I just love this shot of him.

And for Shiny: Well I was stumped there...but I design jewelry so I had some stones and things sitting on my desk. So I put them together and took a picture. The ruler was metal and shiny, and the wire was silver and shiny. Then my beads were shiny and the pendant on the necklace my husband made is shiny. Also. the package AND the buttons were shiny.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my pictures for this weeks challenge. For more hop over to Teresa's blog Eden Hills.

Till next time....Keep on snapping!