Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday's Finds with Eden Hills 08/26/2016

Eden Hills

And here it is again. Is it me, or do the days just seem to speeding up?  Once again I join Teresa at Eden Hills for our weekly Friday Finds.  This weeks prompts are: Starts with I, Fav of the week and Pink.

As always, I am trying to do all the alphabet using my vacation pictures. The letter I wasn't easy, since I didn't go through any states that start with I. But I gave it a whirl anyway. So for I, this is what I have:

This weeks favorite is a hoot. Some of the ladies of our church got together and celebrated our friend, Miss Mary's, birthday at Denny's.  It was such fun. As we were leaving I saw this pancake cutout and asked her to stand in front of it. 

What a hoot!!!!

For pink I put together some pictures of plants and flowers from my yard.

So there you have it...pretty awesome huh??? I love doing these challenges! For more eye goodies hop over to Teresa's site and check them out. 

Til next time

Keep on snapping!



  1. I must say I'm not too keen of an alien invasion. That's a big pancake, hope you're hungry & those flowers are beutiful

  2. You have some nice pretty pink flowers, Vera. I like the pancake man, hope you got your picture taken too. The Alexandria England airport, was that in Louisiana? Mrs. Jim was born and lived in Alexandria, La, until she left home. The town isn't bad but there isn't much fun to do. When England Air Base was there we could play golf on their golf course.

  3. Glad you and your friends had a hoot at Miss Mary's birthday party. SHe looks happy. Love all the PINK flowers. Pop in and see my selection this week and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Plenty of 'I's' on the road! A pancake mascot is a bit different, and your flowers are all perfect pinks!

  5. Well, you should have visited Iowa! I have to agree that time is going way too quickly. What a fun pancake! Great way to celebrate. That's a lovely assortment of pink flowers. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!