Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday's Hunt With Eden Hills - 09/02/16

Eden Hills

Well....what do you is FRIDAY again!!!! And you know what that means...Friday's Hunt with Eden Hills...These Friday's just seem to come so fast!

Anyway, this week's prompt is: Starts with J, Week's Fav, and Surprise...

So for starting with J, I again jumped to my vacation wasn't easy but I went through them again and found JAW, JEWELRY, JET, JETTY, JERSEY AND WESTERN RAILROAD, AND JUNK (in miniature town my son photographed in CA.)

My favorite for the week, is my son and his dog...up where she isn't suppose to be...

And for surprise...can you guess what it is?????

Don't the Link


  1. Hi Vera ~~ I like your surprise. Cats like to sleep and be in some strange places. And you sure did find a lot of "J" words. My favorite is the train tank car.

  2. What a fabulous set of subjects beginning with J' Our pets, cats and dogs alike, just find the most comfortable places to relax.And we happily oblige :)

  3. Hahaha. That's a sweet surprise. :-)

  4. What a fun surprise! Your son's dog looks quite content where she isn't supposed to be. :-) Love the mosaic of fun J's from your vacation. Thanks so much for joining me for Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!