Saturday, August 6, 2016

Friday's Hunt 08/06/2016

Eden Hills

Welllll it is Friday again. I just don't understand how they come around so fast. Seems like it was just last Friday.

So this week Teresa from Eden Hills has given us a new picture challenge: Starts with F, Weeks Favorite, and Shiny!

So for Starts with F: I went to my vacation pictures and found some pictures that started with F.

 For this Weeks Favorite: We had a Child Dedication at my church for this little cutie. He is so sweet! I just love this shot of him.

And for Shiny: Well I was stumped there...but I design jewelry so I had some stones and things sitting on my desk. So I put them together and took a picture. The ruler was metal and shiny, and the wire was silver and shiny. Then my beads were shiny and the pendant on the necklace my husband made is shiny. Also. the package AND the buttons were shiny.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my pictures for this weeks challenge. For more hop over to Teresa's blog Eden Hills.

Till next time....Keep on snapping!



  1. Good Morning, Vera ~~ Your jewelery looks nice and pretty, and shiny. My favorite is the Lady Bugs (guy thing?). At first I thought they were orange dice, rounded a bit, all showing six spots. Then I put my glasses on, ...
    From seeing the snippets I've watched, your Florida vacation was very enjoyable. Thank you for the "F" scenes, I liked the old VW microbus best. Did they serve you orange juice at the entry station? Louisiana serves Community Coffee at most of their visitor information stations. We like both of those. Mississippi is generally nice also.

  2. Great shots Vera - the firetruck is a neat one! I love the ladybug beads!

  3. "F"s galore, cutness galore and shiny stuff galore.

  4. Lots of fun photos, and one handsome fellow!

  5. Lovely collage for the letter F. I love that van! The young man is adorable with that huge grin. I think you did a great job with all those shiny items. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!

  6. oooh, the ladybug buttons are cute. The Freebirds van would've caught my eye, too. You caught the cutie well. His sweetness shines through.