Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas Exchange

Event for Bead Soup Cafe · By Lori McDaniel Anderson

Lori McDaniel Anderson of Bead Soup Cafe put on a gift exchange in Dec.  Due to some health issues, my partner, Tara Polte, was late getting mine mailed out. Which is really alright, gave me something to look forward to in the mail besides bills....So....below is the wonderful pen and paper/card set she sent, which is way cool because I was just thinking I need to get one to keep up with what I have going on.  AND the beautiful purple glittery (just my style!) druzy bead that she wrapped and put on the chain just for little ole me.  I have always wanted a druzy!!! Now I have one.

So now I have a pal in Arizona that when I am finally able to start traveling, I know in Arizona where I will start!  Can't wait for the next exchange and see what state I get then!!!!


I think I will get a map and put in my studio and start pinning all my new friends!!!!!

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