Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lampwork and Clay 2013 Blog Hop

Way back in the summer Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures sent out a challenge using Lampwork beads and Clay beads.  When I first got them...I of course had to try out some different arrangements...but nothing would work...they seemed to just laugh at me....soooooo....I am can go back into your envelope for now and sit on the back burner...I don't need you til Nov anyway....

Don't laugh...I know there a LOT of you that talk to your beads.....

So anyway I got busy with life...and was looking for something else when ALL OF A SUDDEN...this painted shell pendant just LEAPED at me and said..." I am and I know I will look GREAT with those Lampwork and Clay beads....." and you was fact...all that I needed just happened to be RIGHT ON my work table....How did they know?????

I had taken some before computer died the other night and of course I can't get to my I had to take new ones of the finished product..

But before I show you...the Large clay beads are by Kazuri of Antelope Beads and the small one are by Bucaroo Beads, a Michigan website. the painted shell was in my stash...I know I got it at JoAnns at some point...and then the rest of the beads are from my stash and from Cousin Beads...which I pick up at Walmart and JoAnns or anyplace really I see them... I just love working with them.

Anyway..below you will see the pictures...I even made matching earrings.

 The two black shiny beads with the green/orange on them and the little orange disk on each side of them are the ones Lisa sent me...

This is a close up of the pendant that "spoke" to me....

And this is all beads together...don't they play nicely??? I used orange waxed cotton cord  that I had picked up at JoAnns ages ago...then attached it to black chain using black wire that I had. 

The green square beads are from Cousin Beads that I got at Walmart. I buy beads all the time and keep them in my stash area...never know when you will need them...the orange round ones...I have from a bag of broken jewelry I got at a thrift store... and the little black circle/spacers...I had on hand too.

I even made matching earrings...

I will soon have these in my Etsy shop...

I really enjoyed this challenge and have signed up for more of Lisa's challenges...just keep a look out for them...I can tell you I have one coming in January....maybe two....

Thanks for looking and for more great goodies...check out the links at Lisa Place.


  1. Your designs are beautiful. Love this color palette. Perfect for Fall.

  2. They do all play well together! Yes, I do listen to my beads, it's always better that way. And I just love the matching earrings!

  3. Well done! I talk to my beads too!

  4. Wow, Vera - that is one smart pendant!! It was correct - it goes great with the beads. All that was needed was a talented artist to pull it all together into a super necklace and earring set. Good thing these beads had you! :-) Thanks for being in the hop.

  5. Another Bead Talker. Hooray! Prettypretty!

  6. I'm glad to hear I'm not "crazy" for talking & listening to my beads. I sort of let them "speak" to me in order to create. I call it my muse but ..... Great job on matching the colors & the focal! They do go well together! :)

  7. Wow, what great colors. I love the necklace and the pendant was right when it 'told' you it would fit right in with your beads. What a great necklace.

  8. Beads are explaining things to me all the time. Those earrings just sparkle and pop and are a nice match for the necklace.

  9. Very creative. I loved the sparkling colors.

  10. I love your set, anything orange!