Saturday, March 1, 2014

3rd Annual Challenge of Music

Treasures Found

The 3rd Annual Challenge of Music

This year our wonderful "challenge leader" Erin from Treasure Found has challenged to create with music that mean something to us.

   For this, the third annual Challenge of Music, I want to take walk down a musical memory lane with you. I want    to relive the songs of my past, the ones that connect me to my history and that hold a special place in my heart. For this year's Challenge of Music, I want to focus on our own personal playlists. 

   1::Pick a year that is significant to your life story.

   2::Find a song that was on the top charts for that significant year. 
   3:: Create!
   4::Mark your calendar: Blog Hop on Saturday, March 1st. 
   5::Sign up to play!

Since I was born in 1956, I consider myself a 60's child....yep, I guess you could say I was kinda of a hippy, though with strict was a mild form.  I do remember when the Beatles came to the US, oh man....swoon....swoon.....then rock really took hold.  I remember my first "LP" record. Yep no CD's,ipod or tablets back then.  Just the good ole record player.  My first record was Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. Back then the songs were considered favorite was "Money". I would put my head phones on and "belt" out the songs til my Mother would pound on the door and yell at me to stop with the foul language.  It had the word "damn" in it....ahhhh so much we 60's children did to shape the word today....the barriers we broke, the limits we pushed, so much we did...

Anyway, my piece, a bracelet,  is designed around the title "Dark Side of the Moon"  I have had these curved black and white pieces for ever from a challenge I did over 5 years ago and they have been screaming at me lately to use them.  As we know the moon has it light side and dark side depending upon which side is facing the sun.  So I choose all black and white beads. My dangle charms are moon and the moon and sun side by side.  It is a bit big so I do have enough wire to shorten it a bit. 

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Til next time...."See ya later Alligator...."



  1. PERFECT! The dark side of the moon certainly comes to mind, light and shadow. Lovely bracelet, beautiful song.

  2. That is really awesome! I love the dark side peeking out, depending on how you choose to wear it. It reminds me of space and the movement of the moon.

  3. So totally cool, Miss Vera! I love the image of you in your bedroom with your headphones on bopping about belting out along with your Pink Floyd album. This is a good way to remember the fun you had in your youth! Thank you for sharing your talent and your personal music playlist with us in the 3rd Annual Challenge of Music. Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. I was born in 1963 but my parents were very strict. But I do remember and still have some of the old LP's. In my opinion (Don't listen dad) the best music was from the 60' and early 70's. I love your bracelet and it really ties in nicely with this song. I have always been fond of the black and white color combination.

  5. I just love that album! Heck I love Pink Floyd and have been to several of their concerts. Your necklace is just perfect! You have to have the light to compliment the dark.

  6. Huge Floyd fan - love your interpretation of this awesome song and your tribute to an amazing era in music.

  7. These are some lovely creations! Veralynne, you asked where I planted my jasmine to make it happy. Well, it's on the south side of my house (remember, I'm in New Zealand, so you'd pick the north side) and it only gets a few hours of morning sun. The rest of the day, it's completely in the shade!

  8. Very pretty bracelet with a good balance between the light and the dark. Great job!

  9. Great song/album to inspire you and love the bracelet you came up with! What is it about the music our parents hated that we all loved so much (and that goes for any era we happen to be born into!)?