Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Monthly Challenge from Lili Krist - Undo Redo

Lili Krist from Personal Collection tasks us with taking apart something we made and redoing and something from another jeweler and remaking it.

Well for my first piece. I had made a necklace for the Ocean Blog Hop by Lisa Lodge, and it was ok, but it didn't come out like I wanted. So after posting I decided to remake it. Below is the before, modeled by my daughter, and then the remake.

 Not sure if I should have used an orange pillow for back drop...but I wanted a colorful background.

The second one, my mother had given me, way back in the day.  I never really like it...I don't have a before picture, because I had taken it apart and just had it sitting in a box.  I took it out and had this great idea to make a 5 strand necklace....but as you can see it just didn't want to behave, so I am not finished with it yet.
So for now... It is in time out in a baggie on the back of my desk.....I couldn't get it to lay right nor did I like the way the finding were fitting together....I may have to take it apart AGAIN and restring.....

Thanks for looking. For more go to Lili's site and check out the comment section...


  1. I think that just knowing you can redo or refashion a piece of jewelry feels good! I like the new multi-strand design of the first necklace and am sure you will come up with something fabulous and wearable for the second one :)

  2. You play with colors so well.
    I love the colors combo on the 2nd design. Hope you can finish it so I can see the final redo =)