Saturday, May 30, 2015

Creating with Cabochons Challenge May 2015

See you on May 30th!

A few weeks ago Sally Russick put out the challenge to create with cabochons. Since she was my inspiration to use cabochons to begin with, of course I had to join. I was just finishing up one piece for a challenge that I have already posted to, here is what I made for that one. I was trying to add jump rings on the side. I think I still need practice on it. But I like the way it turned out. I think I will keep this one for me.

Then my granddaughter needed a quick necklace for her prom since it took so long to decide upon her dress. So I went simple. I had already made earrings for her using chain and crystals. 

SO....after all that I asked my daughter what she would like, and she chose a black cinnabar bead and wanted black and red beads around it. I found the red cinnabar beads in my stash also.I tied it all together using black chain and black glass pearls. The earrings are one glass pearl earring on a stud pierced earring. Below are the pictures of what I created. The last one with her wearing it, we didn't realize the cabochon was upside down, but I wanted people to see how it looked on her and not on the mannequin.

The Back of the cabochon. She didn't want the beads around the edge of the back so I just whipped stitched the back to cabochon backing.

I used just a simple lobster claw for the fastener.

And my daughter, Sydny, with it on.  She likes the way it hangs. Said it reminders her of a collar.

Thanks for looking. And for more beautiful creations hop over Sally's page to see what she created and the list of the other participants.

Til next time.

Keep on beading!



  1. You created a great collection of pieces, so many different styles and colors, I love to see everything you can make with all the different cabochons.

  2. Wow Vera!!!! Gorgeous collection of jewelry!! I keep going back and lingering on the black and red necklace, what a showstopper!!!
    Thank you so much for participating in the challenge!!

  3. Wow you have been busy! What beautiful pieces you have created all so lovely and very unique!

  4. Hi Vera,
    All of your pieces are beautiful I do not blame you at all for wanting to keep the first one it is gorgeous! The prom set would go with just about any dress so simple and elegant. The third necklace looks great on your daughter.

  5. Outstanding and gorgeous work! Wow you have been busy! Your daughter is a very pretty model and shows off your work beautifully!

  6. Vera, you really had some terrific inspiration and results. I just love the colors in your first cab piece and am impressed with how you engineered it into the design. And the necklace you made for your daughter is just perfect for her. It was so great to see her wearing it - very hip and fresh!

  7. Beautiful work! I bet your family loves it when you gift them your pieces!

  8. Beautiful work, you made some stunning pieces. I love the uniqueness of each one.

  9. Beautiful job! My favorite color combination is red and nailed it in this piece!!!

  10. Wow you've been busy with cabs! What a beautiful collection. And your black and red one is stunning and unique. I love the flow of your design. I bet your granddaughter loved wearing this one!

  11. Hi Vera, all three of you necklaces are beautiful. I really like how you attached the chain to the sides and bottom in the first necklace. It is a unique design. The red and black for your daughter is stunning.