Friday, June 19, 2015

We're All Ears - June 2015


Hashime Murayama was a Japanese illustrator, born in 1879. He used to work for National Geographic until 1941.

Well Erin again has given us stunning pictures to use to create our earrings. I loved all three, but kept coming back to the first one. I just love the waving of the seaweed and the coral and shells.  I have a stash of shells that my daughter has collected over the years, so she said I could use them. The purple shells, the opaque, and the brown spiral shells I used and drilled the holes for them myself. The others I had from jewelry strands I already had. 

This is my daughter, Sydny, helping me by

modeling the earrings.  We went to beach by our 

house to take the pictures. Man was it hot! But 

she did good!

Here are two close ups of both earrings. I had a blast creating these. The idea came almost immediately upon seeing the picture. I created them that day. The goldy looking chain is to represent the swaying seaweed.  

Thanks for looking. And tune back in later this month and in July for more challenges I am in. And on July 17th for the next We're All Ears for July!

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  1. Wow, these are real statement earrings! I love how you have created the effect of shells and seaweed beautifully tossed and entangled together out at sea then washed ashore. They are very 'Pirates of the Caribbean'!

    Your daughter is very pretty, I love the colour of her hair and she is the perfect model for your creations...xx

  2. Very pretty earrings - I love that they look like all the items got caught in a fishing net!

  3. Gorgeous earrings. so pretty and I can see them swaying in the summer breeze.

  4. Those are some fantastic shoulder-dusters. Well done. And you are lucky to have such a lovely model for your designs.

  5. I adore long earrings..yours are fantastic! Perfect for this months challenge!

  6. wow, Vera, this pair is so gorgeous! Great job with the challenge.

  7. Love your earrings! They totally capture the theme in the picture you chose.

  8. I love the sense of movement and flow that these have. There are little treasures in those tide pools and you captured that perfectly in these lush earrings. Thank you for joining in the fun! Check back on July 3rd for the next We're All Ears challenge on Earrings Everyday. Enjoy the day! Erin