Friday, July 21, 2017

We're All Ears :: July Inspiration :: Visual Music

We're All Ears Challenge

Yes, it's that time again. I missed last months, but was determined to do this month.  

We were challenged to create earrings based on "visual music" created by" artist named Oskar Fischinger. If that name doesn't sound familiar, you likely have seen his work in the animated Disney classic, 
Fantasia. His work is the opening with the graphical representation of the notes. ( #GoogleDoodle).

So Miss Erin our challenge master, tasked us with finding some "visual music" and create!

I looked through the list she gave us.( and decided to go with Debussy, Syrinx (solo flute) which you can see at the above link.

To me I really enjoyed the visual aspect of it. Reminded me of a vacuum hose sucking up dust bunnies. :-)

Any way...I went through my stash and found some clear tubing that kinda went with the theme. I then modpodged on some colored paper and drew black lines with a permanent marker.  I then added some Swarovski colored crystals to chain and had it coming out the bottom to represent the tube swallowing the colors and turning the tube colors. The top didn't turn out quite like I had in mind. but it worked.  So here is my "visual music" inspired earrings:

And then a close up..

For more eye candy check out .Miss Erins webpage .

Till next time...

Keep on beading!



  1. How insanely cool is that?! I agree, it does look like dust bunnies being sucked up! Ha! I love the way you translated this inspiration into a mixed media piece. Very clever to color the tubing. I am very impressed (and thanks for your patience with me on my tardiness!) Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Very interesting, the dust bunny allegory is quite funny

  3. Ha! Take that you dust bunnies. Your imagery made me chuckle while watching the musical representation. The earrings are a good representation of that busy little vacuum hose. :-)