Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Heart Macro - Mar 3

Wow, I can say since I started I Heart Macro I see life around me SOOOOO differently.  My eyes seems to see more of the "small" stuff around my house and world.  This is such a great idea.

Last week I posted a picture and asked people what it was.  Since I am strange like that I may do that every week!  From last week, I have the full picture below, it was the "eyes" on a red potato that had sat to long in my refrig.

Cool Huh?????

And the other orange one????? I is in my dads garden....

My macro's for this week, since I can never just have one are....

This is a Chickadee...he was flapping at my window yesterday and tweeting his little lungs out. When I looked I realized a squirrel was on the bird feeder.  I couldn't get over how he just hung on my window and stayed there while I shot these photos.

 This one is a bit blurry, but it is a redheaded woodpecker on my feeder.  It was awesome.  I just love watching the birds through my window. They are amazing to watch every day and which birds "bow" out to others. My dad says that shows the pecking order....

Now this is just way cool!  It is a caterpillar that was on the wall of my house (outside) It looks like it has eyes.....From what I can tell, it is a tent moth caterpillar.  But the design....what fun jewelry that would make!!!!

And I do have soooo many more, but I think I will keep them til next time...but my "what is it" picture...

Can you guess????? Til next week .....happy snapping!

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  1. Pretty little caterpillar. I hoping that last shot isn't some food item gone bad ;)