Friday, March 1, 2013

Music Challenge 2

People can relate to the musicality of shapes... Painting is 'silent music'... Soft and hard edges are similar to loud and soft notes... Harmony, chords, pitch, rhythm, syncopation and timber can all be translated to the visual arts.
~Clyde Aspevig, painter

A month ago Erin one of our famous leaders, put out a challenge to create a piece with music as our inspiration. Of course I jumped on the bandwagon and off we went.  My problem is that I like a lot of different genres of music. A lot depends upon the type of mood I am in and if I want to rest or be energized.  

So I sat and went through my music...most of them had words even though usually I am only listening to the music...Anyway....being a 60's child and had marched to different drum...I noticed that I did have a love for very melodramatic music. I was a horror buff, LOVED Dark Shadows, and just really liked music that was uplifting.

Hence, in my minds eye I could see storm clouds, angry waves, huge white caps, strong winds, waves crashing on the rocks, lighthouses, and well, you get the picture.  So I started looking for music to fit this... Of course during that time my necklace was also coming together in my mind, though I knew what I wanted to create would be impossible because they don't make beads like that.

To make a long story short... I created a necklace to relate to my vision of a stormy sea with a light house.  The design underwent several changes and updates and even at the end I kept thinking more, more, more!!!!  I have included a link to the main themes music I was listening too as I put my necklace together. It is from a game my son was playing called Anno 2070. Haven't any idea what the game is about, but I loved the music.  I also included a link to the song, The Lighthouse sung by John Starnes, written by Rob Madden.  This song has a special place in my heart because it was favorite at my church in Orlando that was sung by Craig Stamper, our music director.  He was killed Sept 12, 2001.  He was driving his wife to be with her dad during his surgery in Georgia because she couldn't fly because of Sept 11. It was raining and he hydroplaned crossing over the median and into the path of a semi. He was killed almost instantly, his wife was seriously injured but lived.  

So there you have it. My music and now my creation

Full View

Close up showing the twisted wire waves, the black and white beads represent the rocks, sand and how they are all mixed together during a storm.

In this picture there are beads that are have "waves" coming out of them, the small beads between the "waves" are white and represent the white caps.  

In this shot, the rolled paper beads are pictures of a light house. It is hard to see, but it has a storm brewing around it also.

So there you have it.  The lighthouse paper beads were made by Janie Ames at Beads by Janie., The oblong rolled paper beads that I used in between a lot of the beads were made by Cheryl Tippett at Beads By Cheryl. The other beads and the ribbon I purchased at JoAnns at one time or the other and were sitting in my stash.

This was an interesting challenge for me and made me really step out of my box.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. For more musical journeys, hop on over to Erin's Link


  1. Your necklace speaks to the stormy seas very well. Great job on the wire work too.

  2. Wow, Vera, your components and even the way you have connected them really evoke the dramatic nature of the composition. I was reflecting on your comment about your colleague's death... it always amazes me how music can be so entwined with our emotions and memories. Thank you for sharing Craig's story; it is obvious he made an deep impression on you and on many others at your church. He would no doubt be pleased that he is remembered through his music.

  3. Hello Vera! I love the concept of the twisted wire to depict the waves. S many elements, especially the paper beads. Good job! - michelle, The Cabby Crafter

  4. This necklace is so unique and pretty! I love it! Great quote at the beginning of your post too!

  5. A very creative and dynamic design that really captures the scene of a stormy sea and the light in the dark. Good job!

  6. What a touching story about your musical director! I love how you placed your necklace on the wavy paper. It really made it seem like it was moving in a storm!

  7. What a strong story and beautiful music to inspire such a lovely statement piece. I love the attention to detail and all of the elements you bring together to tell the story through your art. Beautiful job, Vera! :) Molly

  8. Oh my what an emotional piece. What a creative journey your took creating this necklace, just beautiful.

  9. Wow, your music is powerful and Craig's story tragic. You've created a stunning and beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing.

    I also like that you chose to photograph your finished piece against a stormy sea of paper.

  10. Beautiful piece -- the power of water can take so many forms. Great interpretation of the stormy sea.

  11. Beautiful necklace! I love the waves you created!

  12. Loved your necklace! It definitely fits the theme you chose & music! The interpretation of the multi-layers is stunning! Beautiful job! Thank you for sharing.

  13. That music from ANNO 2070 really has great power. It feels very much like the Cirque du Soleil music that I selected. I can feel the swelling and soaring nature of the music. Your piece is very interesting and fitting the music. I am so glad that you were able to participate in the Challenge! Thank you for sharing your music, process and art with us! Enjoy the day! Erin