Sunday, July 7, 2013

Seasons Blog Hop

Sorry for the doctor prescribed a new antibiotic for me, and well, I am highly allergic to it. I have been in bed for two full days. Today is the first day I have ventured out of it. So I am a day late!
Today is the reveal date for the Seasons Blog Hop, a challenge put together by Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures and the blog A Grateful Artist. Lisa's blog hops start with a kit especially created by Lisa containing unique combinations of beads, findings, pendants and art beads.

In this blog hop, Lisa asked us to create jewellery that fits one of these two themes:

A season of the year—Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

A season in your life—for example, first love, collage days, and so on

Lisa sent me some wonderful blue crystal seed beads, then some large oblong beads and then those small round beads.  She also included the little butterflies and the clasp. Of course  I forgot to take pictures of my stash before hand....But below is what I came up with. 

The blues reminded me of the beach and how growing up we used to go to the beach all the time.  I can't tell you how many shells we collected along the way.  Or how many sunburns we got! But I loved looking for those unusual shells that were always hiding a low tide.  Or to go out after a storm and see what the sea had offered up for me to see on the beach. Even after I got married (to a sailor) our first place was a furnished apartment on the Chesapeake Bay.  I love it. The waves crashing, the seagulls challenging each other as they dove for fish. My perfect spot to live would be in the mountains, but facing the sea....I would be in seventh heaven!

Anyway, to Lisa's beads I added some small conch type shells. And then to the focal piece which I made off kilter, I added some metal birds.  And to a piece of cool looking chain, I added metal shell beads.  I love this piece. It really came out better than I expected.  

I am glad you stopped by, for more go to A Grateful Artist


  1. A beautiful piece: I love the shells and butterflies, made me smile and think of the beach :)

  2. Very pretty, love the little dangles. Hope you will be feeling better soon!

  3. I hope that you feel better real soon, Vera! I think you did a great job on your necklace and earring set. It really does look Summery and "beachy". Thanks for participating in the hop!

  4. Great job on your pieces - very summery and beachy!!

  5. A very pretty piece. Very beachy and summery. Love all the dangles. Hope you get better soon.

  6. Veralynne, I love the ocean too and I my beloved of 20 years is also a sailor! :) Lisa's blue coral beads are sensational, aren't they? Blue coral is my favorite gemstone. The rarity and beauty of the blue coral rondelles and tubes makes your sea & summer necklace even more special! And, your blue coral & butterfly earrings are very cool :)

    I love how you used the seed beads; the drops you created remind me of waves. The natural shells and metal shells are cool mirrors of each other, and the pretty charms, seagulls and starfish, set the scene. Your lovely necklace is like a wonderful collection of treasures found on the beach, as you said, after the storm.

    Hope you are feeling better now! Happy Hopping!

  7. I hope you feel better soon. The necklace and earring are summery and that means beach. Well done!