Friday, September 13, 2013

Art Bead Scene - Sept 2013

For this months challenge I really wanted to try some new techniques that had been swirling in my head. They involved clay and wire.

First I had seen some clay pendants that Erin at Treasures Found had done that I fell in love with.  She gave a link to Stroppel Cane to show how she did it.  I went and reviewed it and was hooked!  So when this months challenge came out, I was like, ok , perfect time to use this technique. Of course....I didn't do it quite the same since I was relying on my memory to do it.  But making mistakes is how you learn!

As you can clay design didn't come out quite like I wanted, and I think I used to much red. Plus since my pasta machine died....I didn't the thinness required. BUT, I put my pendant on the back of washers that I had to give them some stability.  Then I put black felt over the backs after running the satin ribbon from the bottom up to use for the hanger.

I also have a Coiling Gizmo that I like to use. I coiled copper wire and used it in the design. I wanted to see how clay and wire looked together so I encased the copper wire in between the clay.  Then I drilled holes in the clay disks and ran the coil through two of them, connecting them on each side. Then I used the coils to make earring dangles...I put the clay on the ends of each coil before baking.  If you look at the bottom right picture you can see what NOT to do when baking beads and that is to lay it on a flat burns.... Anyway I then used my wire to make another coil but this time with beads on it to use to hang the pendant on. I love working with the coil and beads. Maybe I'll make some to sell.....

Any way this is my submission for this months ABS challenge.  I think I am going to hang it close by, so I can make sure NOT to make the same mistakes.

Thanks for looking.

For more info hop over to ABS Monthly Challenge

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