Friday, June 27, 2014

Photo A Day Challenge - June Week 3 and 4

Since LIFE got in the way last week I didn't get to post. So this week I will post from where I left off through the 30th.

And as a side note, if I don't get around to everyone or post a reply, I am sorry, and will try to do better...Sometimes...well....LIFE has a way of pulling the rug out from under you and it is hard to post from the floor.....

So with out further comment...:

Day 15 - Back yard - which in my  case is really the side yard, as we don't use the back yard...and as you can see it is in need of a mow!

Day 16 - Bright - Though it is hard to tell the clouds were really a bright white!

Day 17 - Stripe - This is the strip pattern on one of the caladiums I have in my yard

Day 18 - Something old - This is a picture of a hoe that belonged to my grandmother, that I still use today, sitting down of course as the handle is only about 3 feet.  Works great around small plants!

Day 19 - Refreshing - When  I DON'T have to cook!!!

Day 20 - a Book I am reading:

Day 21 - summer - my husband working in the garden at my dad's last year

Day 22 - Green - was at the doctors office and since I carry my camera, I took this picture of green!

Day 23 - pair - a pair of my jewelry tools -

Day 24 - Hot - from a Winn Dixie ad on my desk:

Day 25 - cold - ice cream!

Day 26 - Thermometer - the closest I had on hand.....

Day 27/28 - Fruit and Yellow - A yellow ceramic pear:

Day 29 - Grass - in my yard

Day 30 - Looking up - Through a tree in my yard -

So there you have it....I hope you enjoyed it as much as I and I look forward to July!


  1. Veralynne, It was good see your pictures and I'm glad you were able to catch up. Sylvia D.

  2. All good responses to the prompts. I like the stripes on the plant and the bright white clouds and the ceramic pear... Don't stay on the floor too long now!

  3. Hi Vera,
    I have enjoyed viewing all of your photos for this month. It is a good way to take pictures of other things besides jewelry. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos.

  4. Great pictures for the prompts! Your clouds look so bright and fluffy. They are so pretty! Your ice cream looks so good! I'd love some of that right now.

  5. Fun choices for the prompts! Have a great week.