Saturday, November 8, 2014


This months personal photo challenge was Trees....and where I live in Florida I have an abundance of Trees.

The first collage is a pair of trees sitting on a small spit of land jutting into the lake.  I took the three shots getting closer each time with just the standard settings on my camera. I didn't do anything special except get closer. 

This collage of trees are trees that I found in my neighborhood. BUT I used picmonkey to play around with them. The first one was just a tree with moss, but I used picmonkey to enhance the moss and added in an overlay with bats.  The second one I used picmonkey and did a texture over lay with the paint selection.....I like how the colors came out on it.  The third one I was just playing around but truly loved how it came out. Again I used picmonkey using the texture, burst, multiply mode.  I think it really looks cool!. 

These two I didn't do to much to except to darken and highlight the background using Picassa.

And lastly, I had to throw this collage in. The pictures are of different barks from trees in my yard...I think they really are neat looking.  I didn't do anything to enhance them, just cropped them a bit.

Thanks for looking and I will see you back next month where our challenge will be Christmas Scenes!  For more great trees, check out the link.A Personal Photo Challenge.  Maybe you would like to is fun!


  1. Thank you for joining in the challenge again this month! I really like the idea of the first collage, showing the perspective changing as you approach the trees. Nice creative effects in the second photo! The windswept tree in the third collection is quite a handsome one. And I'm glad that you included an assortment of interesting tree bark. They are some of nature's best textures!

  2. How beautiful! I live in FL too so I know the beauty of our trees here. I love the special effects you creative! Hugs, Diane

  3. My favorite is the collage of barks - the color and textures are quite beautiful.

  4. I enjoyed your creative fun with the trees and the collage of bark.

  5. Belas fotos! Amo especialmente as texturas.
    Um abraço!
    Beautiful photos! Especially love the textures.

  6. Hi Vera! These are all great photos! I really like all of the collages and different effects you used. Tree bark is awesome...there are so many different types, aren't there? Have a good week!

  7. Wonderful photos - I love the "getting closer" collage - as well as the enhancements on the second collage. At first I thought it was a gigantic wisteria bush.

  8. I love your first collage with the different perspectives. Clever!