Friday, August 21, 2015

We're All Ears :: August Inspiration -(more canyon pictures here)

One of the least accessible and most photographed vistas in the American Southwest is Antelope Canyon.
Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona is home to some magnificent slot canyons. According to Wikipedia, the Navajo people have a name for the Upper Antelope Canyon - Tsé bighánílíní - which means "the place where water runs through rocks." Slot canyons are chasms eroded over eons by wind and rain and raging floods to create one of the most spectacular natural masterpieces. Antelope Canyon is located on the Navajo Reservation and can only be accessed by licensed tours with a guide and a permit to visit them. At certain times of the day, light penetrates the canyons bathing the entire area in a haze of liquid gold. At certain places magical shafts of light - sometimes referred to as "God Spots" - penetrate to the canyon floor, as if a cosmic stage performance is about to begin. These magic shafts of light only penetrate the secret chambers of the canyons for around 30 minutes each day from late May to late June. The undulating views of the sandstone walls play with your depth perceptions and make for fantastic living sculptures that will continue to shift and change with the coming years. 

(This is the shot I chose)
"Lower antelope 1 md" by User:Moondigger - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

I loved all the pictures, but this one drew me in. And as luck had it..I had beads that I thought would pay homage to the wonderful earthy colors of the cave. I had several designs in mind, but life has really gotten in my way the past few weeks so I was only able to do one. I hope to finish up the other ideas I had and post at a later date. 

So here is my offering for this challenge. I thread wrapped the beads back and forth around the silver tone metal earring hoops.

The stones just seem to mimic the swirls, dips, and rises in the stones of the cave. Beautiful earthly colors.  For more great ear candy by other designers check out Erin's blog page. 

For now..

Keep on Beading



  1. Oh now that's very clever, I wish I could work so effectively with beads. Such an intricate design....lovely xx

  2. Love the work you put into these...The beads are perfect for this challenge!

  3. Beautiful earrings. I have never gotten the hang of the tiny beads.

  4. I agree with Fiona that the design is very clever. It probably took a long time to make. Well done! I love the colors.

  5. Beautiful earrings. The stacks of beads definitely remind me of the canyon walls.

  6. Vera, they are amazing! Beautiful shape and color!

  7. The way the beads match up and create the swirls of the lighter color is perfect! I can feel the hush and see the shaft of light in these earrings. I love the style. Very earthy, boho chic! Thank you for participating in the Earrings Everyday We're All Ears challenge. Check back on the blog on September 4th for the next inspiration! Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. This is beautiful and very creative, I love the rows of swirling beads to represent the rocks.

  9. The beads you used are a match to the stones in the photo. Excellent choice.


  10. Those beads do certainly capture the colors and swirls of the canyon. Very clever design. Looks like that weaving took a bit of patience to complete. :)

  11. Great colors in those beads... they are just perfect for the photo you chose!

  12. These echo Antelope Canyon perfectly! What gorgeous earrings!!!
    And thank you for your comment about my latest rock with the red beads in random RAW...I appreciate it :-)