Monday, August 10, 2015

Znet Blog Post - Creative Spark - The Ocean!

This is the time of the year everyone dreams of the ocean, but can't always get there. So Znetshows challenged us to come up with beach themed jewelry for their fantastic summer issue of Creative Spark using their awesome sea glass beads. Along with the jewelry challenge we were also given the chance to come up with something non-jewelry. So I decided to use the sea glass beads that I got from znetshows to create some crocheted "feet-candy" or in other words some crocheted sandals that could be worn to the beach.

I used cotton crochet thread so that should your feet get wet the yarn would not be affected. In the first pair I used the Turquoise Bay Spike Beads by leaving open spaces in the crochet for them to come through.

For this set I used Turquoise Bay Double Holed Beads in oval shape and dark blue spacer beads that had come with some dark blue sea glass I had purchased before from Znetshows. I then added some "beachy" charms. This was a very simple crochet project with just a loop for the toe and crocheted straps to go around the ankle. Again I had used the cotton crochet thread so if you decided to wade in the cool sea waters, your sweet "foot candy" wouldn't be damaged.

For this next set I again used the cotton crochet thread. I also used Teal Hour Glass beads along with white spacer sea glass beads and "beachy" themed charms.

As soon as summer slows a bit for me I will post the crochet tutes showing how I made them. So stay tuned and I wish everyone a safe and happy summer!

So til later...

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  1. These are such a neat idea. And, your crochet skills are awesome. That's one of those things that I just don't know if I'll ever learn it. I remember my mom crocheting when I was a child, and I'm still fascinated by the idea that a strand of yard can become something so much more. That's exactly what you did with these components - made them SO MUCH MORE! Excellent job!