Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Art Bead Scene Aug Challenge

The Indian Rug (or Red Slippers), 1942 
by Anne Redpath 
Oil on plywood
73.90 x 96.10 cm (framed: 91.50 x 113.50 x 6.20 cm)

About the Art
The vivid colours and flat patterning of this painting owe much to Matisse, while the 'tipped-up' perspective reflects Redpath's admiration for early Italian painting. Redpath was fascinated by colour and texture. In this painting, the pattern of the rug meshes with the shapes of the slippers and chair to such a degree that it is difficult to separate flat from three-dimensional form. Redpath's father designed tweed fabrics and her work has the sense of patterning sometimes found in textiles. She remarked: 'I do with a spot of red or yellow in a harmony of grey what my father did with his tweed.'

This month I wasn't sure if I would be able to do something , but I was drawn to this picture. At first I thought about doing a miniature rug in needle point but I couldn't get the design the way I wanted...

So I decided to print the pictures out and then put them on Plexiglas clear pendants.  The middle one with the shoes I seed beaded embroiderer around. The other four are just mod podged on to the Plexiglas. 

In another challenge I was in with earrings, one of the participants used seed beaded beads...and I thought how cool was that...so I used the beads I had embroidered with and made some beaded beads to hang the other pendants from. They are attached to a plain silver chain with black satin ribbon threaded through it.  It is choker style.

I love doing challenges so that I can really think out of the box and try new techniques! I think I need more practice with the beaded beads...but I like how they turned out...really got my mind working on variations.

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  1. Very neat idea! Beautiful piece! I tried to post mine to ABS, but it hadn't revealed yet!. I'm inviting you to hop on ever to my blog for a looksee! Cbriody.blogspot.com

  2. Such a unique necklace. Love your idea of using plexiglass for the pendants. Came out so beautiful and very engaging!!

  3. Sweet! Such a creative answer to this months challenge!

  4. A fun interpretation! Thanks for joining us at the Art Bead Scene! Enjoy the day. Erin