Saturday, August 9, 2014

August Photo Challenge - Animals

When I saw this one, I was like, YES, I have animal pictures, tons of them....but I decided to do the ones I took at Gatorland, FL.  Most of the animals were easy to take pictures of as long as they stayed still.  The birds were the hardest!

I used my Fugjifilm Finepix AX with zoom lens. I cropped and edited the pictures in Picasa on my computer.

Furry Animals

(Well I guess the rooster should have been with the birds...but I was thinking farm animal....)

Feathery Animals

Cold Blooded Animals

The main thing I try to do with my pictures is depending upon the subject, I try to take a few with lots of background to I can crop it, and then a few close ups, if I can get that close.  Some of these were taken through glass, so you had to make sure you were at an angle so not to get glare from the glass.  The same would apply if I had had to take a picture through fencing, but luckily I didn't.  I also set my flash as auto, just in case I forget and the area is dark.  But loads of fun!

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  1. What amazing photos! I like the feathery animals best! So much variety in Florida and they feel a little safer than some of the others! Of course on our first walk here in NC....we saw a BIG black snake! Love these animals for the challenge! Hugs, Diane

  2. What kind of a big cat is a farm animal? =D

    A lot of wonderful photos of so many different kinds of critters. Very cool. I like the birds a lot!

  3. Lots of different animals, colourful birds and creepy things.

  4. Vera, your photos are fabulous! I really love the colors of those lovely birds! We have a an albino crocodile (or alligator) at our aquarium here in NC.

  5. some great collages, even if the rooster got to 'guest' with the fur-beasts. :)

  6. What a feast of animals Vera!
    Great collage photos too!

  7. Calling by from the APPC, love your collages.

  8. So many wonderful shots, you inspire me to go to the zoo soon. I love the lioness!

  9. What a fun assortment! Gosh, that one alligator looks like it is an albino! Thanks for joining in on the photo challenge and sharing your love of critters, large and small!

  10. A lot of wonderful animals and birds - makes us realize Nature can continue to amaze us with shapes and color, or lack of such as the albino alligator (we have one here in NC).
    Nice collages - thanks for sharing.
    Happy day - Mary

  11. Uma bela coleção de animais! Uau! Amei os pássaros, tão coloridos!
    Um abraço!
    A beautiful collection of animals! Wow! Loved the birds, so colorful!

  12. Wow those are some amazing shots. I love the collages. Thanks for coming over and seeing my pouty dog! This was my first time joining the linky. It's been fun!
    Have a great week,

  13. Enjoyed your photos, my favorite is the turtle.
    Best, Sharon

  14. Love the speckled rooster and dashed past the reptiles in a big hurry. You have some great shots there.

  15. A great variety of animals, and some great shots. I'm not overly fond of the last group; but love the colorful flamingos and parrots. Thanks for sharing your collages with us.

  16. I think you've got them covered!!Hahaa
    LOVE these!
    Well done...

  17. wow that is a whole lot of animals! I guess you did have that challenge covered - ha! so I saw your comment, and no I didn't get your emails. I forgot I even had a Yahoo account - pretty sure I have no idea how to get in to that one anymore. try my gmail one (you should be able to with this comment)