Friday, August 22, 2014

14th Non-Blogger/Blogger Challenge -Twice as Nice Holiday in July:

Hosted by Toltec Jewels     

                     Above are the pictures we used for inspiration i the 14th Non-blogger/blogger Challenge.  i couldn't decide which to do so I did several pieces....

First: The Sparkle Picture with the aqua and silver colors.

This one is crocheted using white yarn embedded with silver, though it is hard to see.  I then used aqua acrylic beads from a vintage necklace that was broken and sitting in my "junk" bead drawer.  On the beads hanging around the edge I have little silver "grapes" The back is closed ribbons endings and a chain with a lobster claw. I like this pattern and am doing it up in several colors including neon!

This is just a simple set made with aqua, and varying shades of greens. I just like how they all seem to get along...They are strung on goldtone wire and I used goldtone findings. It will soon find it's way to my Etsy shop!

Second: Woodland Creatures using Christmas colors

This one I made for a friend, the colors are soooo Christmas with reds, greens, and golds.  I truly enjoyed doing this piece...the beads just seem to come together all on their own...I know my friend will be happy I am finished with it and can get it mailed to her.

 This last one is created using my curly q. I love using it and am really wanting to use it more. There are Swarovski crystals on the curled wire spacers. I used Christmas Charms and oblong jump rings on the earrings.  Then there is a Christmas Tree pendant.  This will be going in my Etsy shop soon. 

Thanks for looking. For more great pieces, check out Our Pinterest board after August 24. 

Thanks for looking...


  1. All of them are so pretty but you really outdid yourself on the crochet necklace. I feel cool wintery breezes and can almost taste the snowflakes! I need this breeze on such a sultry day! LOL. My second fav is the festive necklace with the tree! Yes, it is happy and captures the spirit of the holiday!

  2. Three completely different designs... Snowy, cool colors and X-mas colours, that's what I see... (-: The first necklace must be very comfortable to wear. Nice! Have fun when creating more...

  3. Lovely designs showcasing a variety of your talents. Your friend is very lucky to have you create such a beautiful set for her. And I am sure the other pieces will go quickly from your Etsy shop. Nice work.