Friday, February 6, 2015

Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday: The Art of Chronicling Everyday Life. Day 1-5 2015

Instead of doing weekly pictures for 2015, our leader, Sally Russick, is challenging us to several mini pictorial challenges through the year.

Here is the first post for Day 1 - 5 -

1. Reflection - this collage is of my bird bath in the front yard. You can see the sky reflected in the water.

2. Wrapping - This one I had fun with. My daughter was making wraps for us for lunch so I took her picture of her wrapping our lunch.

3. Kitchen Ritual - well I am sure everyone has this kitchen ritual - washing dishes!

4. Paper - this one had me stumped until I noticed the bags of shredded paper I had on my porch from the shredder at my office. I am going to use the paper in my garden this spring.

And Last but NOT least.....
5. Repetitive pattern - whoot whoot....soap bubbles in the dish water from the KITCHEN RITUAL I did....all those repetitive  circles.....makes one

Well, that's it for this week, stay tuned next week for another rousing round of Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday.

For more great pictures, check out the links below....



  1. Vera, I love your interpretations of the prompts and I know you are busy so I'm so glad you were able to jump in and participate!! I LOVE the repetitive pattern shot, I would of never thought of suds!!! They make such a great pattern, WONDERFULLY DONE!!!

  2. Very impressive shots. Love the bird bath reflections!

  3. Hi Vera, I left a comment earlier but it doesn't look like it took. Hopefully, it's not a double. Anyway, I had to laugh when I saw your dish drainer because it looks so much like mine. My husband marvels at how high those stacks can go! Also love the wrapping photos - they gave me a serious case of the hungries!

  4. Wonderful photos! Washing dishes would be my second kitchen ritual as I do that daily as well but coffee is more of a necessity for me! ;). Thanks for the visual journey!

  5. What great lovely shots, I love the bird bath and the wrap is making me feel rather hungry!

  6. I love your pictures. Love the bird bath and the bubbles.