Monday, February 16, 2015

Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday: The Art of Chronicling Everyday Life. Day 11 - 15 2015

Wow the time has flown and now it is time for the last of the pictures of our Mini Challenge hosted by Sally..

11. Macro - In trying to stay with the "love" connection this week, this is a macro picture of some Lip duck tape my daughter had purchased to wrap her "goody box" for her boyfriend.


12. Temptation - Ice cream is ALWAYS  Temptation for me!

13. Sweetness - I picked up some red velvet cake for Valentines Day along with the ice cream above. Together they were really really sweet!

14. And for my love - my hubby.....

15. And since my life has been crazy since the holidays, the only together pics I could find were the ones of Christmas 2014 that were taken Jan 18 because we were waiting on my daughter to get moved out here.

So there you have it....

This has been a great mini challenge and I am looking forward to the next...

For more great pics, check out the links below.

Til next time..

Keep on snapping!

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