Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday: The Art of Chronicling Everyday Life. Day 6-11 2015

6: Minimal - I had a hard time with this one trying to figure out something minimal. Today I was at the Drs. office and this "painting" was on the wall. To me it said minimal because the "canvas" was large and dark brown, the focal picture canvases were minimal compared to the large dark background.

7. Chaos - This was desk is always in chaos!

8. Words- This needs no explanation..words!

9. Night Time Calm - This one is of my daughter - she has to have the sleep mask on and at least one of her cats on her at night to go to this is her

10. Outside - My son and I were running errands today and drove past a field of winter hay I think...anyway it was pretty so I took a picture and it was outside!

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  1. Hi Vera,
    Your desk looks like mine. Your daughter has a cute sleep mask. Beautiful outside photo.

  2. Hi Vera, What a great daily chaos photo. There should also be a sign that says, "genius at work!" And what a wonderful photo of your daughter and kitty. They look like great buddies.

  3. I love the minimal poppies and the space in your outside shot. My desk looks quite like yours!

  4. Love your photos this week Vera! Words prompt is a fantastic interpretation!! The sleeping mask is adorable though the kitty looks a little annoyed for the interruption! :) And your desk looks just like mine!! Wonderful job!!!

  5. Your desk looks like mine :-) Love the pictures this week.

  6. I love the one of your daughter and her cat and the one out side is beautiful, we have had so much cloud here that I have almost forgotten what a blue sky looks like!

  7. Love your daughter's sleep mask! Yes - that table looks like our creating table too! The outside photo is awesome!

  8. Vera, I enjoyed your shots. Sylvia