Friday, April 29, 2016


A blogger that I follow, (she has goats and they are the cutest,) has started a weekly scavenger hunt with pictures. I have been wanting to get in, but with the tax season, I just didn't have a chance.

But now I can! Ms Teresa from Eden Hills posted the three hunt items on her side bar on her web page. 1. Starts with R, 2. Favorite, and 3. Texture.

1st was Starts with R

I present my Rose Of Sharon. It is from the back door area at my parents house. I dug it up after they passed. The other day it was full of white blossoms..but today just a few. This is the first year we have really seen it bloom.

2nd is Favorite..and that was hard. My husband has been working on the yard and it is looking good. We have had some of our Amaryllis come up and I do love them. 


And these orange beauties are some Double Bloom Lilies we bought at Walmart. They really glow in the sun.

3rd was texture. That one kind of got me but I went through my pictures and found this textured butterfly in some jewelry that I got for a challenge.

So there you have it. Fridays Hunt. You can hop to her web site and see more entries and look at her goats. They are so cute and fun. She also sells goat soap and other things!  Her name is Teresa and her site is Eden Hills.

Til Next time!!!!!


  1. Beautiful flowers all! In New England, it has been a cool-ish Spring with very few flowers opening up yet. But hope springs eternal, and warm days and colorful flowers will soon appear!

  2. how neat that you can grow Amaryllis in your yard.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful and the butterfly has a nice texture !

  4. Hello, lovely flowers. The amaryllis are gorgeous. I love the cute butterfly. Great photos for the hunt! Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  5. Those lillies sure do glow in the sun! It's great seeing everyone's flowers!!

  6. Thank you so much for joining in! I love those flowers! The double lilies are amazing! The butterfly is perfect for texture!