Friday, May 6, 2016

Fridays Hunt 05/06/2016

FRIDAYS HUNT 05/06/2016

Again it is time for the Friday Hunt sponsored by Teresa at Eden Hills. Our choices this week are: Starts with S, weeks favorite and smile.

Well for starts the letter S was easy this week for me. I had taken some pictures of a squirrel running around my yard...

For Favorite that was hard. I wasn't sure if I had a favorite but I browsed around and came up with this one. It is a flower from my caladium plant.

And for smile...I had to go way back as all I photographed recently is plants. So this one is of my daughters wedding Jan 2. Her husband is the sailor, the other guy is a friend who was certified to performs weddings!

Thanks for stopping by and for more goodies head over to Eden Hills.

Til next time....



  1. The squirrel is adorable - I love watching them. Your daughter's wedding photo is beautiful

  2. The squirrel s rather entertaining - and a cute animal too! The flowers look like Spring and per usual, the bride is beautiful!

  3. The Squirrel is cute an I love the flowers. Good smile shot for the meme. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. your daughter sure is a smiley gal!

  5. I love squirrels! They are so fun to watch. Lovely flowers. What a beautiful bride! Thank you so much for sharing with Friday's Hunt.

  6. Your daughter is glowing! Her dress looks gorgeous too! I also did squirrel this week! Love them!