Sunday, October 9, 2016

Friday's Hunt - with Eden Hills 10/07/16

Man how fast Friday's come around...and I know it is already Sunday.  But this week we have for Teresa's challenge, Starts with O, Favorite, and EYES.....

I didn't have much from my vacation that started with O but here a few:

As for my favorite for the week..the Traveling Vietnam Warrior Wall was in our town and I went to see it. I did loose a friend in Vietnam and wanted to see his name!

For EYES...well it was hard to come up with the rescue...Halloween Candy!!! And a scarf with eyeballs, and some glue on googly eyes!

Well that is all for now...have to go to work...for more great EYE candy head over to Teresa at Eden Hills.

Til next week!!!!

Keep on Snapping!



  1. Wow, eye shaped candy. That's kind of creepy - a new one on me! Your ocean shot is just beautiful!

  2. I remember those pretty eye candies. But I have never eaten one. I like your I-10 Orange County welcome sign. I am sorry for your friend's death. He gave the ultimate for his country's cause. We are all proud of him for doing that, even if it was controversial. It was nice reading his name and remembering him, I know. We felt the same way when we read her brother's name on the Louisianna wall at Baton Rouge. His airplane was shot down over Italy early in WWII.

  3. I have to agree with Claire. The ocean scene is breathtaking. Had to smile at that collection of eyes. :-) Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Sorry I'm so late to get around visiting this week (Obviously, I blame some goats).