Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pine Ridge Treasures' Favorite Things Blog Hop

Hello everyone. It is time for another challenge from Lisa Lodge at A Grateful Artist.

For this challenge, this is what I received in the mail:

 The sea glass beads here in the bottom left corner are very dark blue, not black, as are the stand of sea glass beads with the strands.

A couple of things jumped out at me and my muse was moving me right along with one piece...but...I don't think my muse had thought it through...I am going to have to take this one apart and rethink it. But I took a picture so that you could see where I was going..

I think I was trying to do a net stitch??? But I will have to go back and redo this one.

Up next is a necklace and earring set I created using some of my challenge beads and some I had on hand.

The blue spotted beads I got from a blow out sale at Fire Mountain Gems last year and I just happened to find them when looking through my blue beads..I think they go quite nicely.

Next I found a pattern by Deborah Roberti at It is called Crystal Picot Bracelet.  I really liked it, but once I got going, the sea glass beads and the glass green, aqua and white made it really heavy. So I opted to only do five sections. 

Not really sure about this one either...I think the weight of the beads would lend better to a necklace.

Then I created a couple of sets of earrings.

 The little "water drops" beside the fish are a very very light blue. But they reminded me of water drops and fish need water.

Here I used some of the blue sea glass to accent the silver and crystal charms. Again, the crystal is really light blue. 

So here is my offering for this challenge.

For more wonderful eye candy hop over to Lisa's page and see what the other designers created.

Till next time...

Keep on Beading!



  1. You made some great finished pieces, and I really enjoyed seeing your process.

  2. You made some great finished pieces, and I really enjoyed seeing your process.

  3. What a great collection! Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful pieces, I love the blue beads in the necklace, and that you put water drops with the fish :-)

  5. You were certainly inspired by this kit! Well done!

  6. Wow, Veralynne! I really love you necklace and earring set. I would wear that set all the time. I also like the long dangle earrings with the silver and crystal charms. Great job, as always. Thanks for being in the hop!

  7. Beading is often experimental. You did come up with some great pieces in the end!

  8. Triple strand Necklace is gorgeous, those Last two pair of earrings outstanding, thanks for sharing