Saturday, October 15, 2016

Friday's Hunt with Eden Hills - 10/14/16

Eden Hills

Well hello again. It is Friday ...again...and I told myself I would not wait and be late! But my computer is being flaky again, so it is now Sat...

So Teresa from Eden Hills has challenged us again with: Starts with P, Weeks Favorite and whole.

For starts with P, I went again to my vacation picture...pickens are getting slim...I have some pictures of Planes that we saw on our vacation, they were doing landing exercises over Coronado Beach in CA. Really awesome to watch. Then some toy Planes at the train museum, a Blue Angels jet on display, and a Palace that was outside of the museum.

Then for my favorite of the week, I have a picture of "Pumkin'" a friend of mine with Operation Christmas Child, that was dressed up as a clown. She loves doing it and does an excellent job!

For WHOLE, I was stumped as I looked through my pictures....I was looking for some eating pictures, but didn't really find any I liked so I used this photo of the flowers I did for our church for Oct...I love when fall gets here, the colors just seem to glow!!! Anyway...this is the WHOLE group of flowers.

So here are my offerings for this week. Next week we will have "Q"...woe is me....

For more great shots hop over to Teresa at Eden Hills and click on the link at the bottom to see more great shots!

Til next week.....Keep on Snapping!



  1. Yes I love the WHOLE lot of flowers in the church and also your friend is gan=rand dreesed up like that

  2. The many planes make for a perfect P's! Pumpkin is a beautiful and winsome clown. The flowers at the altar are a great testament to God's natural beauty...

  3. I always wanted to be a clown.

  4. Very nice pictures ! The clown looks real cute !

  5. Hi Vera ~~ You are really great with your church floral arrangements, they all seem to have turned out to be really pretty. I have enjoyed your vacation pictures. Guess you will have to take another holiday for some more pictures. Mrs. Jim and I will soon be making a visit to Baton Rouge, I will try for some nice items to share while there. Mrs. Jim has a 96-year old cousin who's been on my blog before. An update is in order. When we visited San Diego we spent a morning at Coronado Island and got a good look at the Naval Base, it is all pretty there, most of it.

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  7. Oh yes, I am tempted to steal your friend, "Pumpkin", for using towards Halloween time as illustration for a pumpkin poem on my other blog. Such a 'cute' dress-up and pose.
    In 2011 Mrs. Jim and I traveled to Charlotte to work with the Operation Shoe Box Ministry in getting the boxes ready to ship out. We worked in a large warehouse which was set up with a lot of assembly line work group stations. There may be a picture of some parts here: