Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday's Hunt with Eden Hills 11/04/2016

Eden Hills

Well it is good to be back, I missed the last two just really got in my way. So this week we have Starts with S, Favorite, and Amazing...

In keeping with using my vacation pictures I have Swifts, sand, San Diego, seagull, and sky.

For my favorite this week, I have a picture of my son who fell asleep in his desk chair while playing a video game, wrapped up because he was cold.

For my AMAZING picture, my church did boxes for Operation Christmas Child with Samaritans Purse. I am amazed with how much good we do with the kids that get these boxes. Some have never had their own toothbrush, or soap or washcloth...

That's it for this week, hopefully I will be able to stay on track!  For more great pictures, hop over to Eden Hills .

Till next time....Keep on Snapping!

Veralynne Malone


  1. Hi Vera ~~ I always like your panels of pictures. This "S" one is fine also. We have a granddaughter asleep on our couch. She is weekending with us. And finally, you have a good account on Operation Christmas Child. Mrs. Jim has a couple of boxes but our church is not doing it. I suppose she will give the boxes next Wednesday to members of our former church. Four of them play bridge every other Wednesday.

  2. The picture of your son is hysterical. Although I've been known to fall asleep with my laptop in my lap. heh I've never been to San Diego - it looks very nice

  3. That first picture of your son sitting in front of the computers is a bit scary. There are so many wonderful photographs in the two collages that you made

  4. Lots of great "S"s, a "S"leepy guy and "S"pecial things for "S"pecial children.

  5. You always have such wonderful vacation pictures. I especially like the swifts!

  6. So did your son say, "Aw, Mom!" when he saw his photos. lol

  7. The shame for me is that winter is to arrive, so your San Diego pics will be a nice warmup memory when the snow starts to fly...Operation Christmas Child is wonderful, so many kids have and maybe get nothing (while many of us have more than we need and whine about our insignificant wants) - it truly is better to give than receive :)

  8. I love your collage of pictures, and envy your weather!

  9. Nice to have you back again. Love the collages you have created. Cute photos of your son.