Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday's Find with Eden Hills 11/18/16

Eden Hills

Hello Again! It is Friday and time for Friday's Find with Eden Hills. Our challenges this week were, Starts with U, Weeks Favorite, and Nature.

As I have mentioned I am trying to get most of my pictures from my vacation this past summer. But the pickens are getting slim. But I have put together a few for letter U. Under, and UFO. We have under the bridge, under the sheets, under the trees, under the train and under the Roadrunner, then UFO.

My favorite for this week is one my DIL took of my son trying to duck OUT of the picture...Didn't make it..

And last but not least, I saw it on our trip. Flowers, cacti, trees, birds, snails, and sea weed.

For more pictures hop over to Eden Hills blog.

Til next week....

Keep Snapping!



  1. We visited that UFO museum when we were in the UFO area. It was quite kitschy. So many pretty nature shots

  2. That is the biggest road runner I've ever seen - Wile E Coyote better be careful to not catch this one! Your son cannot miss the lens, just too big...the desert nature is beautiful!

  3. Is that the UFO museum in Roswell? I didn't think it would creep me out when we visited, but I was wrong. hahah Great nature shots you took.

  4. Oooh, a UFO Museum! What fun! I like the whale picture on the wall behind your ducking son! Fabulous assortment of nature shots!

  5. Love that roadrunner! I would find the UFO museum fascinating. Very nice collection for the letter U. The variety of nature is also lovely. Fun shot for the week's favorite. Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!