Friday, February 15, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge

As if  I didn't have enough to do....I figured why not hop on another I did....this one is Art Jewelry Element earring challenge.  It is to use handmade art beads....but so that I can get going and stay going....I used these beads from my "leftover" stash.  They are black and white with silver...lightweight and ready to wear.  I will be trying to get my etsy store back on line this week too......So enjoy!

My second one is made from swarovsi crystals and pink and gold chain...I didn't realize it til I was posting, they look like "people"... these too will soon be on my site.

So for now that is it. Til next time......

To see more earrings....hop to AJE Earring Challenge

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