Thursday, February 7, 2013

Inspired by Winter - Blog Hop

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Ahhhh, Winter....cold, wet, snow, skiing, hot chocolate, warm fires, cozy time inside.....


I live in Florida, and while I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, seeing snow and sitting in front of an open fire, I don't like being COLD!

This is winter in Florida......

But...I didn't make my design based on the sand, though I think I might go back and do one as an idea has emerged.....anyway, for the Winter blog hop that Sally of Studio Sublime created, I offer my winter necklace.  One think I always seem to notice in a lot of commercial snow pics of the North, are the RED I felt that a Cardinal would be the focal of my necklace.  I have added crystal beads and silver metal snowflakes, and little iridescent white beads to capture the feeling of snow, and ice.  The wonderful little red cardinal was HANDMADE by Leanne Pendleton @Got Crow Creations

It is the cutest little thing. And she has many other animals and such too so check her out!

So without further ado I give you my Winter Necklace....

I took the pictures on some of my beachy
scrap-booking paper...yes I scrapbook too.....

I centered the cardinal on a silver filigree 
pendant, wired and glued him in....then I 
beaded around him with green,and brown 
beads to give the illusion of a "tree".  

This necklace evolved as I made it....the only
thing that stayed the same was the cardinal...

Any way... to all my Northern friends....
"Wish you could be here..."

Now for more wonderful Winter Jewelry
hop on over to Sally's page  to see her Winter
Offering and the list of the other participants, 

**So Sally....what about a SUMMER 
inspired necklace??


  1. Very pretty! i think there are quite a few of us who get to see winter up close that would choose instead to be down on a beach in Florida instead!

  2. I love all the beads you carefully placed onto that filligree pendant. (Hope everyone clicks on the photo to see more of the details.) This would be such a delight to wear on a cold, rainy day like today.

  3. I like how you started with the idea of the cardinal as your focal point. Your pendant you made is cool looking.

  4. Your necklace is the perfect depiction of my backyard in winter! Ice, snow, snowflakes and the beautiful cardinal that is a regular in our neighborhood! Lovely!

  5. Vera, i love it!! :) Your necklace is a beautiful depiction of a winter wonderland! The cardinal tucked into the filigree pendant is adorable. Thank you for participating in the hop!

  6. You are correct - at any given moment, I can find 5 gorgeous male cardinals with their not as bright but just as beautiful female mates in my backyard! That is such a cool pendant! Beautiful job depicting winter at its finest!

  7. I'm very jealous as we have a "wicked big" winter storm headed our way! Your necklace is really fun. I especially like the large chandalier crystals.

  8. Beautiful!! And the spot of red 'cardinal really adds to it...looks like its so much fun to wear :) I know what you mean about the cold...I live in Florida now too but I'm originally from the frozen North on the Canadian border :) Just can't do that cold anymore!

  9. Your necklace is beautiful and the cardinal is adorable. It's perfect for your necklace. I love that she's sitting in her nest waiting out the winter.

  10. I love your usage of the little felted cardinal--it's so unexpected and really "makes" the necklace!

  11. I love that you created a "warm" winter piece - it's perfect for Florida!

  12. Hi fellow Floridian! I love this! Some of my favorite northern winter images feature the cardinals, too!

  13. Glad you got to enjoy the look of winter and not be cold. The pop of cardinal in the black trees, or the white snow - very picturesque inspiration.

  14. Lovely necklace and a summer challenge sounds like fun!!!

  15. Oh how cool is this!! Love that you used the Cardinal for your inspiration - it's perfect. I'm w/you though,...the winter scenes are nice and all, but I don't like being cold. This year Phoenix and other parts of the desert have been under a few hard freezes which is unusual, it was easy to get into the winter spirit! But I have to admit that I love your ocean and palm trees pic - that's heaven!! Lovely necklace!!